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We are so excited to offer our Blog Boot Camp 2017 (#bywbootcamp)! Together, we are gonna slay this new year!

If you have taken any of our previous classes, don't worry, everything is BRAND NEW for this class.

You can expect: 3 screencasts (20 minutes each), 3 written lessons (15 minutes to read each), 3 homework assignments (optional), 3 podcasts (30 min each), 3 recap/cheat sheets each week on Friday, 3 live stream mentoring Q+A  chats (30 min), and 3 videos from Holly Becker (10 minutes each) plus a welcome/introductory video.

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Start Date:

Friday, March 3, 2017

End Date:

Monday, March 27, 2017

Extended Access until:

April 15, 2017


Instructors: Author, Professional Blogger and Stylist Holly Becker from decor8 and the Decorate book series.


USD $99


C'mon ladies! It’s time to get what you want out of your blog! Want to build the blog and business of your dreams? Or just want to blog for fun? This class is all about blogging and social media and will give you the tools that you need to be successful.

Have a blog? Want to start a blog? Need some inspiration, fresh ideas, business help and to learn new skills? Want to see what’s new with your favorite platforms and how to use them better? Want to build the ultimate network online? This bootcamp will definitely be the start of something new for you in 2017.

Holly Becker, Founder of decor8 and author of four interiors books sold in 20 languages worldwide, will teach you through a series of videos, live mentor chats, podcasts, screencasts and text-based lessons. You will have one weekly homework assignment.

Note: Holly will dedicate all of her time and attention for three weeks to ONLY you and you will have direct access to her to answer your questions. You can even chat with her live in our weekly group mentor chat and ask questions in real-time and get answers right away.

Level: This class is for all levels but if you are a beginner, please note that we will not teach you HOW to set up a blog. So it’s a good idea to set one up first and then we will teach you what you need to know to get rolling with your blog. And for those of you already blogging, it’s time to slay!!!!


Jump In: Breaking down blogging (what works, what doesn't, and more)
Stop Stalling: Get on track with your blog this week with these 10 steps
Learn From Them: Case Studies - Women who have paved the way and who are total game changers online
Learn From Me: How I built my business from nothing and 10 things I swear by that work if you want to be a successful entrepreneur
Talk It Out: 30 minute live chat Q & A with your teacher and fellow students
Short Cuts: A cheat sheet PDF for the week with top tips from all lessons


Jump In: Breaking down social media (what works, what doesn't, and more)
Stop Stalling: How to build the ultimate support group online
Learn From Them: Case Studies - The best blog designs and Instagram accounts and why they work
Learn From Me: How I run my business, manage my time, juggle motherhood and keep blogging and using social media daily for 11 years
Talk It Out: 30 minute live chat Q & A with your teacher and fellow students
Short Cuts: A cheat sheet PDF for the week with top tips from all lessons

Jump In: The ultimate writer's guide to blogging and social media
Stop Stalling: How to take better photos for your blog and get your Instagram game strong
Learn From Them: Case Studies - Students in class who have great blogs and why
Learn From Me: How I stay positive, my business goals, how I set priorities - my ultimate real world guide to how I keep it all going
Talk It Out: 30 minute live chat Q & A with your teacher and fellow students
Short Cuts: A cheat sheet PDF for the week with top tips from all lessons
What you can expect: 1 screencast, 3 homework assignments (optional), 6 podcasts (30 min or less each), 3 recap/cheat sheets each week on Friday, 3 live stream open chats, and 6 videos from Holly Becker.

Time commitment: Materials will take you approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes each week to review total. The time that it takes you to do your homework is not included and homework is optional.

New for this course: On Monday, Wednesday and Friday you will get an email as a lesson is posted to remind you to visit class. All materials will be posted at a scheduled time going forward - 11:00am European Standard Time. This class will not contain transcripts, we will have cheat sheets instead. Our live chat on Friday will be called “Ask Me Anything” and you can do just that – ask Holly anything about blogging, business and social media.  She will be your mentor!

Total lessons: 15 + my personal introduction video

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