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November 4-28, 2016.   This NEW FORMAT (most lessons are taught in video or via podcast, live stream or screencast) for our mighty and magical INSPIRE ME 3 week e-course is just want you need for encouragement, inspiration and loads of positive thinking, tips and ideas.

Meant for small business owners, bloggers and others using social media platforms to build connections, this class is all about emerging from hard time and creative ruts better and more power-filled than ever.

Fact is, these are difficult times, and in hard times creatives ALWAYS get affected and dragged down by what they see and hear - This can also bring down our creativity and cause our work to suffer. It doesn't have to be this way. We will draw together in this class, create teams for doing homework together, and really tap into one another and the class teacher, Holly Becker, to get mega inspired and totally encouraged, because that is what Blogging Your Way has, and will always be, centered around.

Beginner to advanced. No followers, 10 followers, 100,000 followers - all are welcome.

What you can expect: 1 screencast, 3 homework assignments (optional), 6 podcasts (30 min or less each), 3 recap/cheat sheets each week on Friday, 3 live stream open chats, and 6 videos from Holly Becker.

Total lessons: 13

Note: Access to class and our student forum is immediate upon payment, however teachers and lessons will not be added until November 4, 2016.

Class fee: $99


What is Blogging Your Way?

Blogging Your Way is an established online leader in delivering top quality (and fun!) e-courses taught by industry experts who are also well-known bloggers. Our teachers love what they do and find tremendous benefits from blogging and want to share their secrets with you. In fact, many earn a living (some even 6 figures!) because they practice exactly what they teach in our online classroom.

We’ve taught over 8,500 students and many have moved on to become top bloggers themselves, winning awards, authoring books, working for print magazines, designing product lines and launching their own retail spaces.


We offer a variety of e-courses on topics that bloggers need to stay on top to survive and thrive. We cover branding, styling, photography, social media, monetization, small business, creative writing and how to produce a blog that gets read and shared. In other words, we cover the whole she-bang.


Built into our materials are proven techniques that professional bloggers use everyday to be successful along with their personal life lessons designed to save you years of struggle and stress. We also provide loads of fresh ideas to keep your blog ahead of the curve and they’ll help you to get the results that you want with your blog and/or social media networks. You will also be able to stay connected with our large global student base long after class ends.


We also have an unmatched community that you won't find elsewhere, all in a secure, supportive and private student-only forum where you can interact with students and teachers. Our forum is a favorite amongst our students who tell us that it’s “extremely motivational” and “an amazing resource”. You can even arrange cafe meet-ups with students in your city to discuss class projects.

If you need tech or administrative support during class, we have that covered too. Each class comes with its very own tech support expert and forum administrator.


We always tell our students to, “Use your blog as a catalyst to live your best life,” because we believe that your blog should improve your quality of life, increase your joy and bring you and your business some big time benefits.


We only teach a few classes each year and sell out quickly so make sure you sign up for our newsletter to be notified first.


Our company was founded by Holly Becker of decor8, an award-winning professional blogger, best-selling author, freelance journalist and interiors stylist with her first three books being sold in 18 languages globally with a fourth book to be published in 2016.


Years Since Launch


Students We've Taught


Lessons Since '09

Meet the Teachers

Our teachers are experts in their field and come from many different backgrounds, cultures and languages yet all have the same goal - to connect and share what they are passionate about online and to do it professionally, beautifully and with heart.

Many are professional bloggers or experts using platforms like Instagram or Pinterest to connect with their audience.

Some are best-selling book authors with multiple titles, others are photographers, stylists, technical experts, workshop leaders and graphic designers. And still others earn six figure incomes and support their family through blogging and new media.

Open and willing to share, our talented team will teach you their many tips and tricks that usually take years of trial and error to learn on your own.

Below are some of our previous and current teachers. New ones join for some classes and former teachers sometimes jump in and offer to teach again, so there is always a great mix. Each class has 3-4 teachers and our resident tech support guy and a community & forum administrator.

Founder + Teacher

Holly Becker

Co-Founder, Tech Admin

Thorsten Becker

Community Admin

Jessy Senti


Leslie Shewring


Valentina Fussell


Nicole Balch


Lisa Nieschlag


Naomi Robinson


Fiona Humberstone


Nichole Robertson


Jeanette Lunde


Irene Hoofs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do your e-courses work?

Our e-courses are self-paced though are conducted in such a way as to provide a classroom-like experience by encouraging and fostering communication between students as well as teachers. Lessons consist of written materials and podcasts, videos, screencasts and beautiful photography.You are encouraged to print lessons for future reference (each lesson has a PDF version).

There is also a student and teacher forum that you can participate in at anytime. You do not need to log in at a specific time to access materials, you can access everything that you need day or night.

Students need to login to the site with their username and password, which they create upon registration, to access class materials and to participate in the forum.

Blogging Your Way can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device. New lessons are posted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays by 12:00 PM US Eastern Standard Time (unless otherwise indicated).

While many of our podcasts and videos are available for download, we do not provide all-in-one download packages and discourage a "download all" mentality. We are focused on fostering class interaction and community building. In that regard, you will have private access to a student-only forum where you can interact with students and teachers.

At the end of each e-course, students also receive a certificate of completion with their name and class name on it that can be printed out and shared with others, including an employer.

What do I need to take your e-courses?

  1. You need to know what a blog is and how to write a simple blog post. You do not necessarily need to have a blog of your own but we encourage you to register one and use our lessons to help you pull it together during class.
  2. A PC or Mac is best, with either the latest version of Internet Explorer or Firefox on your PC the latest version of Safari on your Mac. Blogging Your Way is also mobile compatible though we recommend having your hands free during lessons to take notes.
  3. A digital camera since most of our e-courses cover photography tips and techniques (your smartphone camera will suffice for basic assignments).
  4. If our classes are specific to Instagram or another social media site, you should have an account first to get the most out of our lessons.

Do I need to be online during specific days and times?

No, you do not need to be online during specific times to access class material. However, we strongly recommend logging on when new lessons are posted, generally on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, to stay on top of new materials. Homework is given on Monday and due the following Sunday evening.

Our courses are not designed as bundled, downloadable content but rather require a certain level of interaction during the dates held. There may also be times when we offer special live events, which will be posted on the class site, in advance.

How much time should I invest each week?

Unless otherwise indicated, class materials are posted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week. Written materials can be printed out, which you can collect in a notebook to refer to later on. Our podcasts and videos can be downloaded for later reference, too. We suggest spending 1-2 hours on class days (so 3-6 hours per week) to read through materials and interact with students in the forum. We will issue a weekly homework assignment (not mandatory), too. Students who participate usually walk away from class with a much bigger smile on their face (it’s fun and you learn a lot!), so you should add on a few more hours per week for homework if you’d like to do it. Again that is absolutely up to you!

Will I be able to meet other students in class?

Yes, we have a very strong community in Blogging Your Way. During an e-course, you can communicate via comments on class materials as well as in our private forum where you can ask questions, get support, plan meet-ups in your city (or attend them), share homework, interact with teachers and more!

After class ends you can continue networking with classmates and former students in our members-only Facebook group, too.

Will I get direct feedback from you about my blog specifically?

Yes and no. We have a private forum where you can interact with teachers and fellow students to ask questions from our lessons, however we don’t offer in-depth one-to-one feedback regarding your blog or business. In the forum, students ask other students for personal feedback and blog reviews which are given freely. Our classes are structured so that upon completion you don’t need professional feedback – you are able to look at your blog and know exactly what needs to improve.

What can I expect to accomplish by the end of the e-course?

We promise to provide you with the best and most current education for bloggers out there delivered in an encouraging, inspirational and positive classroom environment. We'll give you access to our teachers and fellow students during class so that you can get the help that you need, when you need it. You can download any of our lessons for future reference, too.

What you get out of class has a lot to do with what you put into it. If you connect with students, ask questions, do some of your homework assignments and view all of the lessons that you think apply to you, then you'll be amazed at how much you will be able to learn in mere weeks - an education that would take you years to learn from reading books or simply through blogging on your own, trial and error. If you apply what you learn, there is no end to what you can do or become online.

Upon completion, you'll be given a certificate in your name, along with access to our members-only student network on Facebook.

How long will e-course content be available?

Content will be available for 7 days after class ends for both 2 and 4 week classes and for 3 days after weekend classes. Once our extension periods have ended, all class content will be removed and no further access will be possible. We therefore urge prospective students to ensure they are able to participate during the dates posted at registration.

How do I pay?

We only accept payments via PayPal though you do not need to have a PayPal account, you can transmit payment directly via credit card, wire transfer, etc. (instructions provided by PayPal at checkout). We cannot accept any other form of payment as our registration system depends on PayPal transaction information.

Do you issue refunds or transfers if I enroll but decide to cancel?

No. All sales are final and no refunds or credits will be given before, during or after class. No exceptions can be made due to the nature of our courses. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for details.

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